The journey into Motherhood is a shamanic initiation where you become your child's first Guru. 

But being a Guru ain't easy.

Taking care of the mind, body and spirit is vital for Mom as she holds space for her child's growth. And yet... in our society very little attention is given to Mom's wellness once that baby is out of the belly! This box concept was created to profoundly support Mama with plant-based woman-made products that nourish deeply at any stage of Motherhood.

Curated with love (by Miré Molnar) the Sha Mama's Little Helper Box will give Mama a monthly, pampering reminder to take time-out, connect within and fill her cup. 

Every box includes 3-5 full-sized plant based, artisanal (very often woman-owned) self-care, shamanic, mother-supporting products. 

The products change every month and to get an idea of what type of products I feature - you can see the contents of the month prior HERE.

The Sha Mama behind the box...

Miré Molnar Doula, Spiritual Coach, Jeweler, Rock N' Roller and MFA grew up going to births with her midwife mother, Chantal Molnar (of The Milky Way film) as a child.  This informal training on the Divine Feminine inspired Miré to work, in several capacities throughout her life, at supporting Mamas through their birth journeys. However her lineage to the craft of working with women and babies was truly ignited by her own recent birth experience. The support she received she believes is every woman’s birthright. She felt powerful and vulnerable at the same time - while always feeling safe and respected. This sense of support and dignity unfolded a beautiful homebirth and an easy transition into at-the-breast mothering. Miré believes that each woman and Mama has a deep wisdom that they can tap into, if supported to do so, that guides them. For too long now women have been separated from their bodies, their sisters and their other-worldly nature. She believes that understanding the Blood Mysteries and the initiations of the woman-journey are totally punk rock and vital consciousness upgrades needed as humans navigate through the 21st Century. 


I am an advocate for woman/mother POWER and this is why I'm working constantly to create products that honor, support and celebrate women and mamas. From crystal jewelry, childbirth classes and crystal talismans - everything I'm selling is supportive and it will help YOU feel your best and most Magickal. My self care box offering is no different. I wanted to offer something affordable that supports women owned businesses as well as women who will benefit from the products inside. Self Care is a constant need we all have yet many of us struggle with giving ourselves the time and energy we need to stay nourished at all levels. This box is intended to remind you, monthly, to take time out for YOU. Subscribing subversive act of love for yourself. You FUCKING deserve this grrl!

With Love & Gratitude,