Punky, Shamanic & Witchy Curated Self-Care Boxes for Mamas!

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Unique Small-Batch Beauty & Spiritual Products 

To support Self Care & Spiritual Growth at the turn of each Season! 

For Women ~ By Women

Hey rockin witch sha-mama! 

This box is for you!

Get your Magick Flowin!

This deeply curated box will give you spiritual & self care tools to help you to flourish at the turn of each season and throughout the year wheel. 


Your Bliss Matters

As a Sha Mama you gotta nourish to flourish! 

At the turn of each season nature calls us to shift our self care and ritualistic practices. Honoring this call can greatly impact our mental, physical and emotional well being. These shifts are wonderful opportunities to celebrate Source, ourselves, the Earth and the polarity of creation; Light/Dark - Life/Death

This box will serve to keep powerful Sha Mama Creatrix's feeling magickal and connected, with ease - every Season!

Every box includes 3-5 full-sized plant based, artisanal, woman-owned, self-care, shamanic, mother-supporting products. ***Plus Crystals, Crystal Grids, Candles, Incense or Sage etc. and other very Magickal tools!  

Valued at $90!

The products change every quarter and to get an idea of what type of products I feature - you can see the contents of previous boxes HERE.

Plant-Based Products • Women Owned Brands • Eco Packaging

How it Works

This self-care box is mindfully curated each quarter for your enjoyment of, and exposure to, rare and helpful plant-based & Woman-made products that support and pamper Mama. As well as High-Vibe Manifestation, Magick  and High-Holiday Celebration tools! 

Here are the "Quarter Days" themed seasonal boxes:

• Yule - Winter Solstice (December 20-23)

• Ostara - Spring Equinox (March 19-22)

• Litha - Summer Solstice (June 19-23)

• Mabon - Autumn Equinox (September 21-24)

Place your order NOW to receive a Welcome gift and letter! Then enjoy seasonally themed boxes each quarter. Boxes will be shipped on the 6th of the month of the upcoming Quarter's High-Holiday and your credit card will be charged every 3 months. 

For instance... 

The Yule box will be shipped on December 6, 

the Ostara Box will be shipped March 6, 

the Litha Box will be shipped June 6 

and the Mabon Box will be shipped September 6.

Order by the 15th of November to receive the Yule Box! 

All boxes are carefully packaged in the least amount of packaging possible (using the least amount needed of recycled cardboard, eco-tape and a limited amount of paper-inserts) so as to limit toxicity and waste in the environment.

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